Couple Goes from “Nutrition Month Prince & Princess 2003” to Bride & Groom in 2021

A couple recently went viral when they got married years after being chosen as “Nutrition Month Prince and Princess” back when they were kids in 2003! Who would have thought that this childhood picture would become this would become their first ‘unofficial’ photo as a couple, huh?

From Prince & Princess to Bride & Groom

Do you believe in destiny and soulmates? Some say that destiny is what you make it and that you meet people by chance.

Yet others also believe that destiny exists and there’s this one person who is destined to be the person with whom you can share the rest of your life with – if you just find him or her! Tall order, huh?

But there are also many who found their ‘forever’ with some who’s been with them for most of their life. Examples are childhood friends who become lovers or kids who met by chance but grew up and met again.

That’s what happened to couple Shaima Quirod Ambalagan and Darrel Jay Banate Bejen.

Back in 2003, the two kids were crowned as the “Nutrition Month Prince and Princess.” It was unclear whether they were already friends at the time or if they even knew each other, but their faces looked too serious. Perhaps they didn’t even like each other at the time, huh? Sometimes kids can be like that.

But fast forward to 2021 and the two have gotten married. Shaima shared their photos while jokingly assuring netizens that if they haven’t found their lifetime partner yet can start looking at their old photos in your daycare, elementary, high school, or college days because your coronation month partner just might be that person. LOL

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

What’s Nutrition Month?

Nutrition Month is celebrated in schools to raise awareness about proper nutrition and good health. In some schools, activities such as Nutrition Month pageants are done to also raise money for the school or the students’ needs.