Coolest Grandma Ever: 95-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Birthday by Skydiving!

“It’s better late than never” is most probably Bettie Butler’s mantra in life. This grandmother recently celebrated her 95th birthday in an insanely, extreme way – by jumping out of a plane.

Now known all over social media as the “skydiving grandma,” Butler made headlines when she jumped 13,000 feet in the air. “Her niece and grandchildren accompanied her on the gravity defying jump,” Distractify tells us.

40 family members and close friends watched on waited for the brave old woman below with a birthday cake for her.


Photo credit: Facebook

Butler later admitted in a WTHR interview that she got the idea from a former president. Describing the jump as “wonderful,” she shared:

“When I saw President George Bush do it, I thought I could do it too.”


Photo credit: Facebook

What’s surprising here is that this stunt isn’t actually the first extreme thing that this grandmother did in her old age. During her 80th birthday, she rode a jetski and a hot air balloon for the first time.

Sam Shuver, her grandson, can only say:

“She’s amazing. She’s so bad ass.”


Photo credit: Facebook

As anyone can expect, the video went viral as it quickly garnered over 55,000 views in just 4 days on Facebook.

Watch the video here:

How To Skydive For The First Time?

For many first-time skydivers, going for a tandem jump, like Bettie Butler did, is the most sensible way to go.

According to WikiHow, a tandem jump “involves jumping out of the plane while attached via a harness to an instructor who wears a parachute big enough for both of you. It requires very little training and you can just “sit back and enjoy the ride” while the instructor handles all the technical parts of the skydive.”

The website likewise reminds:

“Always do what the instructor says – they are the boss. Skydiving people are fun-loving, awesome people who love to teach but they are also serious about safety. They will tell you everything that you need to know.”