COOL VIDEO: Retiring Deputy Sheriff Caught Dancing in Office Elevator

The guys and girls at the Sheriff’s Department are often seen as strict, no-fuss people who are no fun at all. Well, one officer decided to change that image by doing something that soon propelled him to internet stardom…

Deputy Tony Scherb had been working in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 29 years. After handing in his retirement papers, he thought it would be cool to go out with a bang – and have a good time with colleagues, too!

He organized a mini performance with some of the officers in the department but it is supposed to look like it was spontaneous. Thus, their platform became the office elevator which was recently equipped by a CCTV camera after experiencing a number of “malfunctions”.

Of course, it is clear that this was all a setup since the performance was over 3 minutes long and the elevator ride seems to go on forever – considering that the building (certainly not a skyscraper) was shown in the first few seconds of the clip!

Still, the video is fun to watch despite us knowing that it was a setup. They danced to Silento’s popular song “Whip/NaeNae”.

Check out Deputy Scherb and his colleagues in this fun video (but watch what happens when their superiors ride the elevator! LOL):


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