Cool Vendor in a Suit, Sells Peanuts in a Briefcase

A cool vendor in a suit sells peanuts in a briefcase – and went viral for it! Netizens were amazed by the clever idea and how he’s able to attract customers with his unique gimmick.

Cool Vendor in a Suit Goes Viral

When it comes to selling something, it’s good to look clean and presentable – especially when you’re selling food.

But doing gimmicks is also cool, especially if you can come up with something unique to attract your customers.

That’s what Bernie Mirafuentes, well known in Iligan City as “Atty. Mani (Attorney Peanuts),” was able to achieve.

cool vendor

Photo credit: @jhanisv

He sells peanuts but is dressed to the nines – in a complete suit, shiny black shoes, and a briefcase in hand! If you didn’t know, you would think he’s a lawyer or a financial advisor, yet Atty. Mani actually sells peanuts.

Just had to share this, natuwa ako sa kanya. Awesome marketing strategy si bossing. Daming bumili. #iligancity #beachday #marketingstrategy,” wrote an amazed customer who met him for the first time, TikTok user @jhanisv.

cool vendor

Photo credit: @jhanisv

cool vendor

Photo credit: @jhanisv

In the post, the customer explained that she was surprised to see a man in a suit, carrying a briefcase at Soda Beach in Iligan City.

Surprised but amazed by the vendor’s clever marketing strategy, @jhanisv bought from Atty. Mani. She wasn’t the only one who bought from the vendor.

She explained that people flocked to this cool vendor, with many doing so out of curiosity, but still buying his peanuts.

cool vendor

Photo credit: @jhanisv

But why the briefcase? Well, it’s a play with words. Usually, a briefcase is associated with money, such as in Kris Aquino’s now-defunct “Deal or No Deal” gameshow. For this clever vendor, however, his suitcase doesn’t have money but mani! Cool idea, isn’t it?


Just had to share this, natuwa ako sa kanya. Awesome marketing strategy si bossing. Daming bumili. ☺️ #iligancity #beachday #marketingstrategy

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Marketing Strategy 101,” an amused netizen wrote.

Ang saya tingnan makita si kuya na masaya sa ginagawa nya,” another observed.

Tips to Find a Gimmick or Marketing Strategy

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