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Concerned Owner Puts Modified Mask on Cat, Adorable Photos Go Viral

As China struggles to solve its massive problem over the COVID-19 outbreak that began in Wuhan, a lot of people are also struggling to save their family and pets. While there were reports of folks throwing or leaving their pets over fears that they might contract the virus and infect their owners, there are also nice stories of people who put modified masks on their pets to ensure they are also safe.

Recently, photos of a cute cat went viral after someone shared it on social media to praise its owner. In the photos posted by News QQ, the cat could be seen at the street with a modified face mask on.

Photo credit: News QQ

Because it was small, the made-for-human covered its entire face. But that did not stop the owner from putting the face mask on – and it was literally a face mask for the kitty whose entire face was inside the mask! Cute. To make sure the cat can still walk around even with the face mask on, the owner put holes on the mask that are enough for the cat to see.

While it is unknown for how long that cat can actually tolerate wearing the mask, a lot of netizens expressed their surprise that the cat actually did. A number commented that they couldn’t actually put anything on their pet’s head or face as the animal would just try its best to scratch it away.

Photo credit: News QQ

It is also unknown whether the pet was in any danger of actually contracting the virus or if the mask would actually provide it with actual protection, but many netizens were happy to see that this owner is trying her best to protect her pet.

It turned out that this isn’t the only pet with a mask on. Some netizens also shared pictures of dogs also wearing protective equipment. Cute!

Photo credit: News QQ
Photo credit: News QQ

What are Face Masks?

Face masks are devices that are designed to cover the mouth and nose. Depending on the material and how these masks are made, they provide protection against dust, chemicals, fluids, particulate matter, and biological agents likes viruses and bacteria.

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