Company Offers Employees $15 for Every Kilogram of Body Weight They Lose!

It is a reality in this modern world that we do physical stuff less and online stuff more. With more and more people leading sedentary lifestyles, it is no wonder that there are also more who are overweight.

Now, have you noticed that people working in the office are more likely to become overweight? That is because they sit around whole day. But the lack of physical activity is not the only thing to be blamed. More often than not, they splurge on fastfood and high-calorie coffee to get them through the day.

Such is what has happened to the employees at Xian Jingtian Investment Consulting in Xian City in Shaanxi Province, China. A lot of them have become overweight, including their boss Wang Xuebao.

Screenshot from video by CH52 – Oddity Central

When Xuebao realized that they have become overweight due to eating unhealthy food at the office and not really moving around, he launched a campaign to get everyone working on getting healthy.

To motivate everyone, Xuebao promised to give a bonus of 100 yuan ($15) for every kilogram of body weight they shed off. This will be done on a monthly basis. But to make sure that the employees will really work hard to achieve this, the award is only given to anyone who lost at minimum of 3 kg.

Launched last March, the campaign actually worked. Employees have become more health-conscious. They regularly go to the gym, eat only healthy food, and enjoyed the friendly competition with their office mates.

Screenshot from video by CH52 – Oddity Central

Several of them have already collected their prize. In fact, about half of the staff were able to collect the reward. One of them, Zhou Wei, even lost 20 kg in the past 2 months, receiving a total of 2,000 yuan ($300)!

Xuebao told the media that he was quite surprised with the results of his monthly incentive to his workers but revealed that he still hasn’t met the requirement to also receive a prize himself. LOL.