Community Gives Back to Kind Homeless Guy Who Helped Cars Stuck in Snow

Shelby Hudgens of Colorado Springs, Colorado had been homeless for weeks but that did not stop him from being kind to the motorists he saw getting stuck in the snow in an area called Fillmore Hill during a snowstorm.

The weather conditions were so bad that the cars keep slipping and sliding off the road. Understanding the danger he is putting himself in but knowing that he has to do something to help these motorists from meeting an accident, Shelby took it upon himself to push these cars out of danger.

It is unknown exactly how many cars he pushed and how many lives he saved in the 3 hours he worked that intersection (without pay!) but Shelby did not mind as long as he helped keep these people safe. His deed did not go unnoticed, however; within minutes, he became a local celebrity and his story quickly went viral!

Local resident Sarah Webster was touched by Shelby’s action; so, she launched a GoFundMe campaign to help gather money to give Shelby the compensation he certainly deserved. To date, the campaign has received over $23,400 donations, well over Sarah’s initial target of $7,500!

Aside from receiving money from the donors, Shelby also got a number of job offers. He was not expecting anything in return when he helped the stuck motorists yet the community has decided to give back to the man who was willing to sacrifice his life to save others. What a noble guy! We hope he gets the job he so deserved.

Watch the news report here (check out Shelby’s surprised reaction): | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Snow Storm

A snow storm, just as its name implies, is a storm where there is snow involved. This type of storm is primarily experienced in the regions outside of the tropics but there have been reports of rare snow storms hitting areas close to the equator.

It is very dangerous to be out in a snow storm, especially if you are not wearing winter clothing or the vehicle you’re driving is not equipped to run on the slippery snow. Visibility is often very low during a snow storm, adding to the danger.

Although a snow storm might not seem like a very dangerous weather disturbance compared with ice storms, it could still cause problems like avalanches, spring flooding (when the snow suddenly melts), and a whiteout (extremely low visibility).