Clever Marketing Strategy of Fried Banana Vendors Attracts Lots of Clients

In business, owners and their employees must think of a clever and unique marketing strategy to attract clients. Some use music and noise to help guide their prospective clients to their stores while others use visuals.

In Thailand, a pair of fried banana vendors has gone viral for their clever and rather sexy marketing strategy.

The two gorgeous ladies took to wearing rather sexy outfits that showcase their natural assets (uhhh we’re not so sure about the ‘natural’ since they are both from Thailand after all) to attract customers; though we’re quite sure their target is the male population.

According to reports, the two have succeeded in their business, thanks to this sexy marketing strategy. It is said that a lot of men hang out near their stall and wait for their fried bananas.

Photo credit: Bangkok Coconuts

One netizen who shared the duo’s photos said that when he saw the beautiful ladies, he immediately joined the crowd and bought their bananas. He just ate the fried street food right there in front of the stall but when he was through, he wanted some more; so, he went back and bought some more.

Many netizens were skeptical, however, whether these two were truly fried banana vendors as it was possible that they were just posing for photos to go viral. Others believe the photos were for real and even praised the two for coming up with a clever trick to earn customers.

But many just scoffed at the photo, saying that there was no way to tell whether these ladies were even real women! After all, Thailand is infamous for its so-called ‘ladyboys’! Hmmm. Do you think these ladies were actually ladyboys?

Photo credit: Bangkok Coconuts

What are Ladyboys?

Ladyboys are effeminate gay men – this means that they were born male but grew looking and feeling female. They may have undergone gender reassignment surgery to become a ‘fully functioning’ female.

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