Cleaning Your LG Top Load Washing Machine Filter (Top Reasons + How to Do it)

Did you know that cleaning your LG top load washing machine filter should actually be done on a monthly basis?

How to Clean Your LG Top Load Washing Machine Filter

But if you can’t remove the filters like regular washing machine, how can you do it? Well, don’t fret. Online Home Guides shares a step by step guide in cleaning your LG top load washing machine.

You can check out the link for the detailed guide, but here are the basic steps for you to follow:

LG top load washing machine filter

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Step 1. Unplug your washing machine – VERY IMPORTANT!

Step 2. Locate the filter. The location depends on the model, but is usually in either 1) a rectangular box inside the drum or washer tub or 2) at the washing machine’s bottom backside.

Step 3. Remove the filter.

Step 4. Wash in warm, soapy water.

Step 5. Use a soft brush to remove the lint.

Step 6. Soak the filter in baking soda-water or white vinegar solution if there are many clogged particles.

Step 7. Scrub gently.

Step 8. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Step 9. Check the filter’s housing for any lint or particles.

Step 10. Remove these accumulated dirt particles with a towel or toothbrush.

Step 11. You can also deodorize your smelly washing machine.

Step 12. Return the filter and secure tightly.

Step 13. Run a cycle to test if your newly cleaned and reinstalled filter works.

Top Reasons to Clean Your LG Top Load Washing Machine

LG washing machine filter

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High-efficiency LG top load washing machines don’t have a removable lint filter like the ones you find in traditional washing machines. So, you can’t just remove them to clean them when you see the lint build up on the filter.

Instead, these top load washing machines use a pump filter that you need to clean at least once a month.

Top reasons to clean your filter:

  • Cleaning these filters help keep your washing machines efficient, making them work better at less effort.
  • Plus, cleaning the filters can also help make your washing machine’s lifespan last longer because it isn’t overworked.
  • Also, the manufacturer recommends regular cleaning. It’s a good idea to follow their instructions to avoid getting your warranty voided.
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