Christmas Miracle: Mom and Baby Declared Dead Goes Back to Life

People say that Christmas is full of miracles. Here’s a story about a mother and son who got a Christmas miracle: the miracle of life.

According to Little Things, Tracy Hermanstorfer was giving birth on a Christmas Eve in 2009. When she was in labor, she suddenly suffered cardiac arrest. To save the baby, her doctors performed an emergency C-section. The baby was not breathing when it was about to be delivered, and Tracy and her stillborn son were declared dead.

However, with no apparent explanation, something miraculous happened. Suddenly, Tracy’s pulse came back. Doctors hurried to finish the C-section to bring out the baby even if she was not breathing.  When the baby was taken out, doctors tried to revive and bring the baby to breathe. They were successful in doing so, and the baby was alive.

tracy hermanstorfer and her baby

Tracy kisses her miracle son.
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Mike Hermanstorfer, Tracy’s husband, cried in disbelief. He said that it was a complete miracle. When he was told that his wife’s heartbeat stopped, Mike said that he felt like his heartbeat stopped, too.

“There’s only one explanation for having either one of them, let along both of them here. It’s just an absolute miracle”, Mike said.

Close mother-baby attachment has many benefits

A new research has revealed that the strong emotional bond between a mother and a baby has more protection than any other protection measures a mom does.

According to Parenting, Deepak Chopra M.D., medicine guru, says, “A close attachment can prevent diseases, boost immunity, and enhance IQ in your baby”.  

Dr. Chopra says a mother’s tender loving care is more powerful than what we once thought. A mother’s hugs and kisses are powerful forces of nature that can engage not just our hearts or minds, but every part of our body.

So if you are thinking twice about putting off the laundry or cleaning the house just to take care of your baby, think no more, and choose bonding with your baby over any other chore! Dr. Chopra believes in nourishing all our baby’s senses. This connection will comfort both the mother and child for many years.