Chinese Village Girls Sizzle in Photoshoot

Whoever said that village girls can’t be at par with girls from the city has not seen the beauty of many village girls in China – and even in the Philippines!

There’s this unfair stereotype that girls from far-flung areas aren’t as beautiful and sexy as girls from the city. Well, in terms of using makeup and wearing designer clothes, girls from the city do have the advantage as they are more exposed to that kind of lifestyle yet this does not mean that we should just forget about ‘more ordinary’ village girls!

Just visit the provinces and you will see a lot of gorgeous girls who don’t use makeup and wear trendy clothes yet they look quite stunning and regal, nonetheless! They may not be as attractive as the ladies from the city but if they wear the same clothes and get a little makeup on, they just might beat those city ladies so easily!

Photo credit: Chismix

Yeah, we say no to stereotyping!

Proving this point is a series of snapshots from a photoshoot of village girls from China. As Chismix joked, “Nahiya ang sili sa hotness nila.” (The chili peppers got insecure because of their hotness.)

What can you say about these ladies? Do you think they are fit to join the roster of top models for Victoria’s Secret? Chismix thinks so!

Photo credit: Chismix

But I bet they are already making a name for themselves in the modeling arena. They do look like beautiful porcelain dolls!

What’s a Porcelain Doll?

A porcelain doll is a doll made of porcelain, as its name suggests. Such dolls have more defined faces and could look like real babies/toddlers. They have realistic faces, with skin-like matte finish unlike other commercial dolls made of plastic.

More often than not, these dolls are adorned with beautiful Victorian outfits and gowns.