Chinese Model Goes Viral for Looking Like a Porcelain Doll

There are people who would go to great lengths and spend a lot of money on cosmetic surgery just to look like a Barbie doll or some other fictional character, such as anime characters. But there are also those who have talent in makeup that allow them to transform into different characters without breaking the bank.

But for a Chinese model named Kina Shen, we’re not quite sure whether she underwent cosmetic enhancements to change her looks or if she was really born looking like a real-life porcelain doll. After all, Chinese are blessed with fair complexion but they also have small eyes yet Kina has large eyes that truly make her look like a real doll.

More than a hundred years? @killstarco dress

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With her porcelain skin and beautiful eyes, it is sometimes hard to tell whether the girl in the photo was for real or just a life-sized doll but Kina is a real person. She just knows how to use make up and accessories to her advantage.

You can all debate whether she’s had cosmetic enhancements but the end product is really what matters, right? She’s quite gorgeous!

And even without make up, she certainly is a looker. Although it is now easy to see that she had certainly made use of make up to make her eyes look bigger! For that, we highly commend her for her talent and make up skills. It’s not easy to pull things like that off.

Been sick selfie. almost recovered.

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Kina says that without make up, she is sometimes mistaken for a boy but we doubt that’s the case as she looks so feminine and lithe to be mistaken for someone male, eh?


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