Chinese Guy Blows Entire Savings after Mistakenly Thinking He Won $720-Million Lottery

A lot of people hope to win the lottery. Many of them even spend a portion of their salary to regularly buy lottery tickets, arguing that they could easily get back all the money they spent on the tickets once they win.

That’s true, of course, but the chances of winning the lottery are actually quite slim! Some statisticians even half joke that you are more likely to get struck by lightning than to ever win the lottery in your lifetime. Ouch.

A 28-year-old man living in Jinjiang in eastern Fujian province, southern China has dedicated his life in his quest to win the lottery. He regularly buys lottery tickets, even spending a lot of time researching and calculating numbers to supposedly increase his chances of winning it big.

He ‘calculated’ what he hopes was the right combination and immediately bought a ticket which he placed in the drawer.

A week later, he checked the winning numbers of that day and thought he won the jackpot amounting to 5 million yuan ($720 million). What he failed to realize is that though he actually got most of the numbers right, one digit in the winning combination wasn’t the same as the one he picked for the ticket!

But he really thought he won the lottery – and in his excitement, failed to double check his ticket.

He went out to treat his family and friends, withdrawing his entire savings of 5,000 yuan ($720) and overdrawing 3,000 yuan ($430) on his credit card. He spent the entire day celebrating, not even thinking about the ticket in his drawer.

It was only on the following day that he checked the ticket and compared the numbers that he realized his huge mistake. Not only did he not win the lottery, he had also spent his entire savings and incurred a lot of debt during the celebration. Ouch.

I felt I’ve lost all face and my hope to continue living,” the man told his girlfriend.

The alarmed girlfriend immediately called the police who rushed to the man’s home and saved his life. Whew!

Article source and image credit: Dimsum Daily HK

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