This Social Experiment Reveals How Young Girls Are Extremely Vulnerable To Child Predator Attacks

Everyone is on social media nowadays – even children that are as young as 8.

Although technically, Facebook only allows users ages 13 and above, it’s no secret that many are finding a way to work around the rule and still create their online accounts on the site.

Besides, Facebook is all about fun, right? It allows you to catch up with friends, trending topics, and even play games. That’s probably the impression of most but the sad reality here is that sometimes, Facebook and other social media tools are also being used by child predators to find their next victims.

This new social experiment by YouTube prankster Coby Persin shows us how young girls can be very gullible and thus, vulnerable to predator attacks. Coby worked with the parents of three different minor-aged girls and tested them if they will go with him if he poses as a cute 15-year-old guy online.

Most of the parents were sure that their daughter will never go with a stranger but to their surprise, their children readily obliged – even giving their respective home addresses. One agreed to meet at a park, another at their home, and then the last girl even rode Coby’s vehicle.

One of the fathers was very disappointed about his child’s reckless decision and reminded her “We’ve already lost your mother.” It’s really heart-breaking!

Watch the social experiment here:

The Reality About Child Predator Attacks

According to NSOPW, around 1.8 million adolescents have been sexual assault victims. 82% of juvenile victims are girls. Also, it is worth-nothing that about 1 out of 7 children who uses the internet receive unwanted sexual solicitations and that 1 out of 25 encountered sexual solicitors who wanted to arrange for an offline contact.

We are definitely living in scary times. It’s really important for parents to teach their kids about responsible internet usage in order to prevent possible tragedies.