Cheerful Yakult Lady Cries after Customer Gives Her Php2,000 as Gift

A cheerful Yakult lady cries after a customer gives her Php2,000 as gift – and netizens are commenting that she truly deserves the treat.

Cheerful Yakult Lady Receives Special Gift from Customer

Yakult ladies are known to walk far as they roam the streets to sell the favorite yogurt drink. And while it’s a tiresome, exhausting job, it brings happiness to those craving for the drink but don’t have a stash at home.

It’s impressive that a Yakult lady in a now-viral video could be seen smiling as she handed the customer two packs of the drink. Her radiant smile makes people happy – and that’s probably how the customer felt.

It’s unknown whether the two know each other or if they had met before, but the customer had a Php1,000 bill ready for the Yakult lady.

When the customer handed her the money, the Yakult lady hurriedly checked her belt bag to get some change, but was surprised to learn that she didn’t have to give the customer any. The change was hers to keep.

But the customer wasn’t done with the surprise.

As the Yakult lady was still smiling happily with the huge tip, the customer handed her another Php1,000 bill.

This time, the surprised Yakult lady jumped up and down for joy, truly excited by the customer’s gift. But as the reality of the gift sank in, she cried. It was tears of joy, of course.

The customer asked why she was crying, and she replied that the money would be a great help already. And though she didn’t elaborate on that, it was something that everyone understood – and we’re all quite happy for her.

It’s great that this customer prepared this sweet surprise for the Yakult lady, and didn’t even ask to be recognized by taking a selfie. Kudos to this wonderful customer and cheers to the Yakult lady!

Watch it here:


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What’s a Yakult Lady?

A Yakult lady is a woman who sells Yakult products in the streets or makes door-to-door deliveries.

The Yakult lady system was started in 1981.

Surprisingly, even if Yakult is also offered in countries outside Asia, the Yakult lady system only covers areas in Asian countries like China, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia.