Charity Organization Offers House to Homeless Veteran Who Cried in Viral Video

The CEO and president of not-for-profit organization Carry Me Productions, Carrie Nowocin, personally offered a house to the homeless veteran who had recently figured in a viral video where he was seen crying and hugging YouTuber Max Zahir in gratitude for the lunch he received.

According to Zahir, he saw the homeless guy at a gas station and decided to buy him lunch at the Charbroiled Burgers drive-through in Yucaipa, California. The guy told him he was a veteran, which surprised Zahir who later offered to buy lunch for the old man if they see each other again the next day at the gas station.

Touched by the gesture, the homeless veteran cried and revealed to Zahir that no one has showed him kindness for a very long time.

Shaken by the encounter and wanting to help more, Zahir launched a GoFundMe campaign entitled, “Help homeless veterans”.

The crowdfunding campaign aimed to collect $10,000 for Zahir and other homeless veterans. As of November 20, 2015, three days after the campaign was launched, the total donations have already exceeded the target but donations continue to pour in.

It is also wonderful that Carry Me Productions is providing this homeless veteran with a home, not just a shelter.

Watch Zahir’s encounter with the homeless veteran in this video:

What is a Veteran?

A veteran is someone who has had long experience in a particular field but the word also used synonymously with a military veteran, someone who has served in the military (for no matter how long or short the service rendered might be).

The public attitude towards veterans is generally positive, with many war veterans receiving special treatment because of the service they rendered for their country yet as exemplified by the old man in the viral video above, many veterans become forgotten…