Caught on Camera: The Chupacabra! For Real or Just Animals with Mange?

Do you believe in the mythical creature called chupacabra? It is a legendary creature that is supposed to change in shape but often comes in the form of a large dog which preys on farm animals. According to legend, the chupacabra is like a vampire. It bites on its victim’s neck or chest and drains its blood.

Tales of chupacabra attacks have been going around for years yet sightings are few and far in between; and there are currently no physical evidence that the creature even exists. Still, several unexplained mysteries are attributed to chupacabra.

In the video created by Epic Wildlife, several incidents of supposed chupacabra attacks or sightings are reported. The common denominator in these incidents is that there is supposed to be a weird-looking hairless creature sighted. Could this be the very elusive chupacabra or is it just a wild creature (such a coyote) with mange?

But if these creatures were really chupacabras, then aren’t we supposed to be very afraid now as these could attack out pets and, perhaps, us? Creepy…

Check out this video and tell us what you think:

What is a Chupacabra?

First reported in Puerto Rico, chupacabras are legendary cryptids that are believed to enjoy attacking livestock to drink their blood. Goats are the typical victims; though the creature is believed to attack other animals, such as pigs, as well.

There were plenty of sightings of the chupacabra beginning in 1995; though the creature has also been reported in other places outside the Americas, notably in the Philippines and Russia.

The first reported attack attributed to a chupacabra was in Puerto Rico back in March 1995 where 8 sheep completely drained of blood were discovered in a farm. All these sheep had 3 puncture marks on the chest.

Later that year, in August, around 150 farm animals and pets were killed on random nights at Canóvanas, a town in Puerto Rico. Because the animals were completely drained of blood and had puncture marks, the killings were also attributed to chupacabras.