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Caught on Camera: Dirty Factory Making Fake Pepsi Products

These days, there are tens of thousands of various products being sold across the world. Sadly, there are also lots of fakes and counterfeit products being sold. These cheap imitations might sometimes look like the real thing, especially to the untrained eye; thus, they are alright to use.

But consumption of fake food is certainly a big no-no! However, we might not know that what we are eating or drinking might actually be fake. One of the best ways to avoid that is to only buy from reputable stores.

Photo credit: UR Daily Journal / Elite Readers

On blog UR Daily Journal, photos taken from a dirty factory shows people making cheap knockoffs of Pepsi products.

According to the report, kids are hired to find empty bottles which are taken to the factory. After the glass bottles are crudely cleaned, these are filled up with a dark liquid that must have some sugar and coloring inside; then, these are placed in crates.

Photo credit: UR Daily Journal / Elite Readers

To make the Pepsi products appear authentic, these guys even introduce pressurized gas into the bottles. Voila! You get a bottle of Pepsi-looking drink with formula from God knows where.

Photo credit: UR Daily Journal / Elite Readers

Many believe that the counterfeiters have learned the trade from China and are using this to fool many people in Iraq. What’s alarming is that the products actually look similar to the real thing – and anyone could so easily think these are for real!

Photo credit: UR Daily Journal / Elite Readers

Considering that these are made and sold in Iraq, it’s hard to tell whether the people buying the fake products even know the difference from the real thing.

Photo credit: UR Daily Journal / Elite Readers

What’s the Licensed Pepsi Company in Iraq?

Plenty of counterfeiters are making fake Pepsi in Iraq; thus, licensed Pepsi company Baghdad Soft Drinks Co is trying to register the Pepsi trademark in the country through local lawyers.

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