Cat’s Hilarious Reaction to a Bath Goes Viral: “No More” Meows!

We all know that cats hate water – and there’s even a superstitious belief that bathing a cat will bring bad luck or could cause rain. These superstitious beliefs might not be true but I would rather not tempt fate by bathing our cats. LOL.

Do you bathe your cats? I have not tried bathing the cats we have at home because I am afraid of their sharp claws. Though these pets love us for sure, a bath just might make them feisty and could lead to accidental bites or clawing. But if you are brave enough to bathe your cats, then great job! I hope you can offer us tips on how to bathe cats without them going all crazy and bite us…

Now, there’s this viral video of a cat who hated bathing but it did not claw or bite its owner. Instead, the charming little fella actually tried a different tactic: pleading for its owner to stop the torture. What makes this moment extra interesting is that the cat appears to meow in a different manner – seemingly saying “no more” instead of the usual “meow”!

According to HensPark, this cat’s name is Lucy and she lives in Bangor, Maine, with her owner, David Savage. It was David who shared the video of Lucy’s hilarious reaction to the bath. I bet David did not expect the video to spread like wildfire, gaining close to 1.8 million views on YouTube and over 20.1 million views on Facebook within just a week of posting!

Check out the video and tell us whether you think Lucy was really saying “no more”…

I gave a very angry cat a bath today, she insisted, “no more”!

Posted by David Savage on Saturday, August 15, 2015

Reasons Why Cats Make the Best Pets

  • Cats are healthy creatures that actually clean themselves; thus, unless your pet actually soils itself or got really dirty during a trip outside the house, there is often no need for a bath.
  • Most cats do not crave as much attention as dogs. So, there will be no guilt trips if it is neglected while you are busy.
  • Housebreaking cats is actually quite easy. Just provide them a litter box and they often know what to do. It is in their genes to stay clean!
  • It is easier to travel with cats because they are often smaller than dogs. This does not apply to all cats or dogs, of course.

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