Cat Loves Taking Shoes So Much That Owner Has to Make FB Page to Return Items

A cat loves taking shoes so much that its owner has to make a Facebook page to return the items to their rightful owners! If they didn’t discover that there is a real cat burglar around, the neighbors would have though someone’s playing a prank on them or simply stealing their shoes!

cat loves shoes

Photo credit: BJ Rose / Umbriel Él Laure – Facebook

Cat Burglar Loves Shoes

When it comes to cats, people often think that they take food from the neighbors’ house at times. In the Philippines, there is a running joke about cats always trying to take food from the table instead of waiting for their owners (or the neighbors!) to give them some.

There are even plenty of memes showing cats stealthily taking food from the table! Uh oh.

But one cat was probably bored of taking food and started taking shoes, instead! The cat’s owner BJ Rose was surprised when shoes began to pile up at their house. They were unsure why there were so many shoes there – and the shoes even come in pairs! It was as if someone had really wanted to donate or leave the shoes at their doorstop.

Things got weird as more shoes, sandals, and slippers kept coming. Upon checking, the owners were surprised to find the cat burglar on CCTV!

Apparently, their cat Jordan has been bringing the shoes to their house, bringing a couple of pairs every night. Curious, BJ Rose installed a tracker on Jordan – and saw that he’s been going as far way as the next block to collect the shoes.

Since he actually knows to collect the shoes in pairs but could only bring one at a time, Jordan had to go back and forth from their house to the shoe owner’s house. Amazingly, he’s able to remember where he had last been. Smart cat.

BJ Rose had to make an FB page to return Jordan’s stash, especially because they already had over 50 pairs there.

Pet Trackers

Losing a pet can be heart wrenching. That’s why many choose to put a pet tracker to ensure they can keep track of where their pets are.

While some opt for GPS implants, there are already a lot of pet trackers incorporated in collars. These look cute and many prefer them so that no implants are placed inside their pets’ body.