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Cancer Survivor Shares Story to Encourage Others to Value Their Health

It was back in 2015 when Christine Ching experienced something that changed her life forever. At 22, she was diagnosed with cancer. But her life-changing experience was something that she did not wish for others to undergo.

Of course, you can’t stop cancer and some other kind of medical problem from hitting you altogether but according to Ching, her experience could have been different had she gone on a check-up earlier than she did.

Ching has recently found the courage to share her story with others, so as to encourage others to value their health. According to her, it was the first week of April when she started experiencing pain in her stomach and lower back as well as constipation.

Photo credit: Christine Ching / Facebook

Her lower abdomen grew bigger but she dismissed that at first and thought that this could be because she had problem eliminating her waste. Close to a month later, with the abdomen steadily growing bigger, someone was able to convince her to finally go to a doctor.

A doctor specializing in internal medicine referred her to an OB-Gyne after finding a lump in her lower abdomen. A series of tests and ultrasounds later, she was told that she had a 19-cm tumor in her left ovary.

The OB told her that this must be removed but Ching and her family first sought second opinion from another doctor who told them the same thing.

Photo credit: Christine Ching / Facebook

Shocked over the diagnosis, they went to two more doctors just to see if there was another way out of this predicament. But with all doctors telling them the same thing, Ching finally decided on undergoing a surgery on May 19, 2015 – barely a month after she went to the doctor to complain about her symptoms.

Photo credit: Christine Ching / Facebook

A biopsy of the mass revealed that she had an aggressive type of cancer; thus, she had to undergo 4 cycles of intense chemotherapy which lasted until November of that year.

Photo credit: Christine Ching / Facebook

She didn’t exactly mention it in her post but we assume she’s now cancer-free. But she wants people to go to the doctor every 6 months for a general check-up so they will stay healthy and for illnesses to be detected as soon as possible.


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