Cancer Might Take This Kid Before Christmas, Let’s Make His Last Wish Come True By Giving Him Penguin Cards

Almost every kid is looking forward to Christmas. It is the best day where they will get a lot of gifts from their relatives and families.

This has become a tradition for thousands of kids. Unfortunately, not all kids are lucky enough to experience this kind of Christmas. And sometimes, as sad as it may seem, not all kids will get to experience a lot of Christmases.

Nine-year-old Jacob has been battling cancer since he was five. Despite his condition, he still enjoys regular kid activities like Minecraft, Lego, singing, and penguins.

Jacob 5


Penguins are his favorite animal according to his Mom Michelle Thompson Simard. It also explains his motto in life,

“Live like a penguin.”

When he says that, he means “be friendly, stand by each other, go the extra mile, jump into life and be cool.”

Jacob 2


Jacob is suffering from neuroblastoma. Just like any kids, he is looking forward to the holidays. Unfortunately, he may not live to reach this Christmas.

The hospital already celebrated early Christmas with him including snow, tree and even Santa Claus. His holiday seems complete, but he has one more wish.

He hopes to celebrate his last early Christmas with everyone in the world and is asking for penguin-themed Christmas cards from people who care.

Jacob 1


For just a few days after his Mom posted his wish, hundreds of letters came pouring in, lending this brave little boy strength to hold on and be strong.

Tara Artinyan, Jacob’s stepmother recalled how the little kid lives Christmas. They were all happy that a lot of people from around the world gave their time to make Jacob happy.

“We got over a hundred, and they’re from all over the world. We have some from the Netherlands, from Australia, from Denmark. We’ve heard from all over the world at this point. We’ve even heard from Antarctica.”

Jacob 3


Every gift is opened with enthusiasm, and it keeps Jacob excited to see what they have to say to him.

Jacob 4


If you want to make Jacob’s Christmas a little brighter, you may visit his GoFundMe page, his Mom’s Facebook profile, and of course, here is their address where you can send the letters.

 Jacob Thompson

c/o Maine Medical Center

22 Bramhall Street

Portland, ME 04102