Canadian Town Offers Jobs and Land to Anyone Interested to Move There

If you’re looking for a job and willing to try something new in a simple place far away from home, then you might want to check out Cape Breton, a small island located at the eastern end of Nova Scotia, Canada because The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market is offering jobs and 2 acres of land to anyone interested to move there!

Set in the heart of Cape Breton, The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market is the place where most people buy stuff and it is rich in both jobs and land but the town does not have a lot of people.

So, as a way to entice people to move to the area, they are offering jobs and 2 acres of land to anyone interested to move there!

Anyone who wants to take them up on the offer gets to start immediately and is given the plot so they can build their own house or enjoy the woodlands – and 2 acres of land is already quite large! But you don’t get to own the land immediately. While it is ‘yours’ immediately upon arrival, the land title is only transferred after you’ve been with the business for 5 years.

Still, that’s already quite a good deal.

Be warned that Cape Breton is a quiet place and does not have a ‘big city’ feel. It is mostly country – and there are lots of great nature spots to check out.

Sadly, the offer is not yet available for foreign workers but only for those who are Canadian citizens and those who are legally authorized to work in Canada since Cape Breton does not qualify for the Foreign Worker Program.

But if you are qualified and want to enjoy a change in your environment, you just might want to check this out.

What Documents are Needed to Work in Canada?

Here’s some good news if you’re not qualified yet. In order for you to be legally allowed to work in Canada, you only need two documents:

  1. an invitation from a Canadian employer (duly approved by the Ministry of Employment and Social Development of Canada)
  2. a Work Permit (issued after you obtained a temporary visa)

So, you can still give this opportunity a shot. Good luck!