This Camera Offers Epic Lens so You Zoom in Up to the Moon’s Surface!

Advances in technology led to plenty of awesome modern equipment – and one of these is a camera who lets you zoom in up to the moon’s surface even without a telescope! Boasting of 83x zoom, it would seem that the Nikon Coolpix P900 is among the best in the world…

What makes this camera even more amazing is that it costs only about $600 – a fair price to pay for its awesome capabilities. After all, you wouldn’t really need to buy a telescope to check out the surface of the moon! I bet this camera would come handy in many situations, including doing fun activities like bird watching and wildlife spotting to usual touristy activities where you wish to get the perfect shot of tourist spots in the horizon.


Screenshot of video by Sci-Tech Universe / YouTube

Have you seen those extra-long lenses that paparazzi and sports reporters use to cover events or, hmmmm, stalk celebrities? Well, it seems that they still haven’t discovered this awesome camera because you don’t have to get those extra-long lenses if you have the Nikon Coolpix P900. Oh, in case you are wondering, this is not a paid post! We’re just too amazed by this camera’s capability that we just had to feature it here!

Now, did you know that this camera is a point-and-shoot one? Yes! It is not a DSLR camera so we’re willing to bet that it’s quite easy to use! We can’t wait to get our hands on this awesome piece. I think I would have to save up for this point-and-shoot.

Check out this awesome video created by Lothar Lenz, a nature photographer from Germany, who tested the limits on this camera and discovered that it can actually let you take amazing photos and videos of the surface of the moon!

What is a Point-and-Shoot Camera?

As its name suggests, a point-and-shoot camera is something that lets you shoot photos on the go, without you needing to change the settings to take the shots. Of course, you don’t always expect it to take snapshots similar to those achieved by a DSLR camera but for most people, the point-and-shoot camera is already an excellent option.

Plus, there are practically no hassles involved in the point-and-shoot camera, so this is preferred by most people.