Brothers Go Viral for Heartbreaking Text Exchange During School Shooting

Yet another mass shooting happened at a school in the US. After the incident, stories of heroism and love went viral, proving that good still triumphs over evil.

Brothers Sam and Matthew Zeif were among those who went viral, not for sacrificing their lives to fight the gunman or shield the others just like many of the other stories but for their heartbreaking text exchange during the school shooting.

The brothers attend Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida where the shooting incident happened.

Eighteen-year-old Sam texted 14-year-old Matthew, “Are you okay?

Hopefully. Just know, I love you forever and you’re the best brother,” the frightened younger brother replied.

His brother assured, “We’re gonna get out of here I promise.

Photo credit: Sam Zeif / Love What Matters

But while the words were reassuring, Matthew was very scared – understandably so because his teacher was among those who died in the incident.

He asked his brother whether the cops were there as his teacher was already dead.

I’m on 3rd floor you think I’m ok?” he added.

Don’t do anything. Don’t DO ANYTHING. Do you understand?” his older brother commanded with urgency, knowing that worse things could happen if his brother decides to come out of hiding while the gunman was still around.

When minutes passed and the younger boy didn’t reply, Sam urgently messaged him to answer. Thankfully, Matthew was safe. Both of them made it to safety.

While they weren’t particularly close, the incident has changed this.

Scariest part of it all was knowing my little brother was right above me and not knowing if I would ever see him again. I’ve never really treated him the way he deserved. Not anymore. Seeing his face outside of school was the most relief I had ever felt. My prayers to all,” Sam wrote in a tweet the following day.

The post has gone viral, with thousands of people commenting on the post, commending the brothers for their sweet exchange amid the terror they were facing.