British Artist Creates Stunning Drawings In The Snow Using His Feet

Simon Beck is an artist who uses a unique medium in his craft. Unlike others who utilize paintbrushes, canvases, chisels, wood, and other tools in art, Beck uses the snow – and his feet.

Yes, this British guy creates amazing-looking geometric designs in the snow using no special tools aside from the snowshoes on his feet.

You can watch the video here:

A graduate of the world famous Oxford University, Beck decided to leave his job so he can become a cartographer. He loves the great outdoors and is very well adept in orienteering, a sport that heavily relies on maps and compasses.

The idea of creating snow drawings came to him one day in 2004 after he went skiing. He has always been a big fan of geometric designs and so he thought about incorporating these two elements.

Since his first snow mural that year, he has already created at least 30 other designs every winter, particularly in the Alps.

According to Wimp, Beck says “the challenge comes from having to start.”

With his skills in orienteering, creating these stunning artworks has become possible – and he’s now gaining fame because of it. Simply said, it definitely pays to be unique.

Other Artists Who Use Unconventional Mediums

Beck is just one of the many artists across the world that use unconventional medium.

An interesting post at the Hongkiat website reveals that there are quite a number of creatives out there who do not prefer traditional tools.

Anastassia Elias, for example, “uses toilet paper rolls to create miniature scenes of life.” Cecilia Webber uses human bodies to create digital photographic images. Erika Iris Simmons, on the other hand, uses old cassette tapes to create celebrity portraits while Stanislav Aristov utilizes burnt matchsticks. Susan Beatrice creates steampunk-inspired sculptures using old watch parts.

Go check out the Hongkiat site if you want to see a sneak peek of these artists’ works and more.