Bride’s Friend Slams Rude Guests in White Outfits (One in Wedding Gown!)

A bride’s friend slams two rude guests who wore white outfits to the wedding – and one was even in a wedding gown!

Rude, huh? Many netizens agree, and the video quickly went viral with over 53.9 million views. Wow.

Rude Guests Wore White Outfits at Wedding

There are many unwritten rules to follow during weddings, but wearing a white dress is one of the biggest things to avoid.

It’s considered totally rude to do it because it would look like you’re trying to upstage the bride. Considering that it’s the bride’s biggest moment, it’s important to let her shine.

Recently, TikToker Isabella Santos Giha shared a video taken at her friend’s wedding as she slammed two ladies who wore white for the event. One even wore a wedding gown!

Photo credit: @isabellasg3

Photo credit: @isabellasg3

In the video that Giha shared, the ladies can be seen clearly wearing white (or shades that are very close to white) for the wedding.

Photo credit: @isabellasg3

She also shared the bride’s sad reaction in the video, which made many people angry.


Please never wear WHITE at someones wedding. It is sad and disrespect. @sisilozada #bolivia

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Netizens suggested that an “accidental” wine spill might be the best course of action in situations like this.

I believe each bride needs a friend who is known to be clumsy be in charge of spilling red wine on them or make it a game for the groomsmen to,” one netizen wrote.

WHY do people do this?? At least the bride blew them out of the water, she’s STUNNING and I’ve never loved a dress so much,” another chimed in.

Accidentally spill red wine on their dresses so they’re now wearing red and say “oops. If you hadn’t worn white it wouldn’t look so bad,” another suggested.

Of course, these ladies aren’t the first to do this at a wedding. For example, a woman named Amy Pennza went viral in 2019 after revealing that her mother-in-law wore a wedding gown to their wedding!

What to Wear to a Wedding

Most weddings have a theme or dress code, so it’s best to check with the bride or their invitation (many place instructions there).

If there aren’t any instructions, it’s best to wear a formal or semi-formal out that isn’t white or black.

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