This Bride’s Awful Bridal Makeup Paved Way To A Surprise Gift From A World Class Photographer

At one point in a woman’s life or another, she dreams of a perfect wedding. For most women, this is their fairy tale come true and they would do anything to make it beautiful and perfect.

This is the reason why brides-to-be invest a fair lot of money for all their suppliers during the magical day, most especially her makeup artist.

Darika Klinkuhlab, a bride in Thailand, Chai Nat posted on her Facebook as a warning to other brides-to-be to be mindful in choosing their makeup artist after her makeup nearly ruined her special day.

Bride 1


According to Good Times, she chose a package from a recently opened shop near her house because she thought it will be more convenient compared to going to a beauty shop far from her home.

Bride 2


But it turned out that it was not a good idea. Even the foundation that was used on her face is not the right shade, and don’t you even make start about her lipstick.

Since it took them 3 hours of preparation, there was no time to fix it and they decided to push through with the wedding despite their awful makeup.

Bride 5


Unsatisfied with the service she got, she warned other brides-to-be about the shop whose service she availed.

That’s when Bangkok-based photographer Park Eun Young contacted her. Understanding her frustration and believing that wedding memories are lifetime memories, Park Eun offered her entire team to recreate Darika’s wedding day.

This includes her makeup artist, hairdresser, wedding attires, and a whole photoshoot package, all for free.

Bride 3


Despite the initial refuse of Darika because Bangkok was far from her, the photo shoot still became a reality, when the photo shoot team decided to come to her.

Bride 4


Just look at the difference in her makeup. See how beautiful she is in this photo? This should have been how she looks like on her wedding day, or at least something close. Not the awful look her failed makeup artist did.

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