Bride Earns Praise for Using Groom’s ‘Cheap’ Car Instead of Renting Luxury Ride for Wedding

Because weddings are among the most important occasions in a person’s life, a lot of people have no qualms at spending a lot of money for the event; with some even going deep into debt just to have the best wedding they could ever dream of.

But a practical woman in Malaysia has earned praises from netizens after she picked her groom’s ‘cheap’ car instead of renting a luxury ride for the wedding.

In a post on Facebook, Jenny Lai challenged the social norms in her country wherein couples hire luxury vehicles to take the bride to church and the couple towards the reception afterwards.

Photo credit: Jenny Lai / Facebook

But the practical lady knew that the cost of renting a luxury vehicle (with a driver) could easily pay for her would-be-husband Wong Chee Soon’s monthly car amortization. So, she picked his car instead.

Wong’s Perodua Axia is a hatchback that might be ‘cheap’ even by local standards (it only costs around 24,000RM or $5,700) and isn’t generally a popular choice as wedding vehicle but Jenny didn’t care. What matters is that she’s getting married to Wong – and to start a good life together by using part of the wedding budget to pay for the car and be one step closer to becoming free of their debts! What a wise young lady.

But the practical young lady also revealed that they did not pay a lot for the wedding reception because they took their guests to a buffet restaurant. Not only did their guests have their fill of the delicious food at the restaurant, the newlyweds didn’t have to shell a lot of money for the reception cost.

Photo credit: Jenny Lai / Facebook

Her post earned praise from many netizens who said she should stay humble and thrifty.

One Facebook user summed it all up in a wise comment, “A simple wedding ceremony is the best. In fact, the simpler the better! As long as you and your husband are both happy, nothing else matters.

What is a Luxury Vehicle?

Luxury vehicles are far sleeker, faster, and costlier than regular vehicles. A number of these vehicles are being offered for rent for use in special events like weddings, especially in Malaysia where it is a social norm to splurge on weddings.