BPI IT Officer Allegedly Clears Duterte’s Name on Hidden Wealth Allegations

MANILA, Philippines- Netizen Irish Burgos Junasa has shared her apparent conversation with an Information Technology Data Mining Officer who works for the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) through a lengthy post on Facebook on Wednesday, May 4.

The BPI I.T. officer supposedly gave a technical explanation on the issues haunting Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s BPI accounts. Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV earlier accused the presidential aspirant of having undeclared millions in his bank accounts at the Julia Vargas branch.

On Monday, May 2, Trillanes and Duterte’s legal counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo had a meeting at the said branch. While Trillanes submitted an affidavit in exchange for a bank secrecy waiver from the PDP-Laban Standard bearer, Panelo handed the bank a request for certification that Duterte’s bank accounts did not contain P211 million “whether singly, collectively, or cumulatively deposited to his name”.

However, the bank was not able to produce the certification right away as it needed 7 days to investigate Duterte’s request due to legal matters. Details of Duterte’s bank accounts will only be shown on May 11, two days following the national elections.

Based on Junasa’s supposed conversation with the BPI officer, the delay in showing the details of Duterte’s bank accounts is brought about by the bank system.

“The Bank system can only show up to 6 months transaction. Historical transaction has to be retrieved in the data warehouse and will be securely provided through a disk/cd. Thus this delay,” the officer allegedly explained.

The BPI officer added that the bank branch can determine the highest amount deposited to the account since its opening.

“That is why BPI was able to guarantee that no amount of 211M was deposited to the account.”

Furthermore, the officer reportedly claimed that the whole issue against Duterte was “pure propaganda” since the documents and affidavit provided by Trillanes were questionable.

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