Boy Who Was Always Stealing Changes Drastically after Dad Sent Him on a Prison Tour

Ethan was always stealing money even if he was warned not to do it time and time again. Tired of not getting the results he wanted, Ethan’s dad decided to send him on a prison tour where the police officers and prisoners shouted at him and showed him just how life would become if he lives in jail.

Some say it might constitute child abuse while others believe the drastic punishment is something that this young man deserves but for his dad, it was better to cut Ethan’s horns while they were still short as he would not want to see his son live in a prison cell for real.

Thankfully, the method worked! Ethan changed his thieving ways and has even become a better person in other aspects in his life. It was a good thing that his dad and the authorities intervened in his confused life before it was too late. Street thugs could spend the rest of their lives in prison…if they don’t get killed in brawls in the streets, of course.

Watch Ethan’s story in this video:

Beyond Scared Straight

The video above is actually part of a reality series called “Beyond Scared Straight” wherein juvenile offenders are sent on prison tours much like what Ethan experienced or in other situations where adults try to scare them hard enough so they won’t chose the wrong path.

The show has gained a lot of audience yet there are also plenty of bashers, especially from people who believe that the show’s methodology is too harsh on these young people. Still, many believe it is important for the show to do this so that these young men would not become worse offenders as they grow older.