Boy Secretly Saves Money to Pay for Friend’s Class Fees

A boy secretly saves money to pay for his friend’s class fees – and we can’t help but express admiration over this young man’s generosity and love for his friend who couldn’t afford to pay for the fees.

Boy Secretly Saves Money for Friend

It is said that kids learn a lot from their parents and that if they’re raised well, then they can easily show this to the world.

That’s exactly what we can say for a 12-year-old kid named Yusuf.

His dad, Nasaie Ismail, took to Facebook to share about how this wonderful young boy helped a friend in need.

Yesterday, Yusuf asked for RM20 ($4.50), to complete his savings for a month which has reached RM80 ($18). The purpose is to pay a friend’s (class) fee,” the proud dad wrote.

boy secretly saves money

Photo credit: Nasaie Ismail

Yusuf’s dad was surprised after learning that his son was secretly saving money to help his friend.

 “It turns out that he secretly collected his pocket money and the money that was given to him by his grandparents. He got RM80 ($18). The fee to be paid is RM100 ($22),” Yusuf’s dad further explained.

Alhamdulillah, this evening, InsyaAllah, Yusuf will pay the fee for his friend.

The fees were for a religious class that the other kid had to quit because he couldn’t afford the fees, he added.

boy secretly saves money

Photo credit: Nasaie Ismail

The good news is that this dad didn’t get mad at Yusuf for spending his money on someone else. Instead, he felt proud that his son knows how to be a good friend and that he understood what it was like to help others in need.

Sometimes, when we see children like this, it will make us realize that the measure we put on each child cannot be the same. Especially in academia,” he

Not all children have the same abilities. But, every child is certainly made with their own unique advantages and those advantages need to be celebrated.

Kudos to this boy and his dad!

Scholarships and Class Fees

Even in public or state schools, there can still be class fees that the students need to pay. This is a problem that many poor people face, especially because they also struggle to buy food.

While there are also many scholarships that offer to pay tuition fees, many don’t pay for these extra class fees.