Boy Hosts Special ‘Socially Distanced’ Prom Party for Nanny after School Canceled Event

A boy hosts a special ‘socially distanced’ prom party for nanny after her school canceled the event. The sweet gesture went viral, with many calling this kid as the perfect gentleman. Awww.

Special Prom Party

Proms are among the events that got canceled amid the COVID-19 crisis. A lot of young people were sad, particularly because it is a social event that many of them had been looking forward to attending for years!

Also, there had already been many who bought their dresses and outfits – with some actually ordering special outfits fitted and done by high-end dressmakers or shops! It is definitely sad that they can’t go to the prom to use these outfits. Of course, that is for their own safety, but the pandemic has certainly made a lot of young people sad.

Curtis Rogers, 7, recently threw a prom party for his nanny, Rachel Chapman. She has been his babysitter for many years – and he thinks she is one of the best people in the world. The teen had been happily talking about attending prom for over a year, but COVID-19 happened. The school had to cancel the event.

They had not seen each other for around 2 months due to the pandemic. But when Curtis learned that Rachel was not able to attend her prom, he told his mom they should throw her a mini prom party. Mom Elissa Rogers felt proud about Curtis’ initiative, so they helped him plan the event.

Rachel was surprised when Curtis turned up with a sign asking her for the ‘prom’. The young lad put on his best suit and ordered the menu for the party: apples and peanut butter for starters, Chick-fil-A for the main course, and smoothies for dessert.

They also took some pictures, making sure to practice ‘social distancing’. What a sweet kid!

What’s a 3-Course Meal?

A 3-course meal is also known as a full-course meal. It consists of starters or appetizers, the main course, and the desserts or sweet treats. The main course is often made of meats, fish, or chicken, but vegetarians can also opt to have plant-based options.

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