Boy Cries as He Watched Other Kids Celebrating Mother’s Day with Their Moms in School

In Thailand where Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 12, mothers are invited to school so that their children can honor them in a ceremony. It is a special day for mothers and their children; sadly, not everyone is happy on this day.

At Rumpa School in the Om Noi Subdistrict of Thailand, a child was caught on video as he cried while watching the other kids enjoying the Mother’s Day celebration with their mothers in school.

The still unnamed kid was seen climbing a fence and watching as his friends and schoolmates enjoyed the day with their mothers, honoring their moms on stage and having fun with their moms, in general.

Photo credit: Artoo Dia / Facebook

On a day that was meant to honor mothers, this should have been a special occasion but the boy’s mother could not make it, for a still unknown reason.

The poor kid could be seen holding on to the railings on the fence, crying his heart out as he looked inside the school grounds. Sympathy poured for the young kid, with many netizens wishing that they could do something to make the kid happy.

Many slammed the kid’s mother for not attending the event, but others pointed out that it might be possible he no longer has a mother.

The video uploader would later post an update saying that the child’s mother had been working and was late for the event. But she was able to show up – and the kid was soon happy again! She had been busy preparing for items to be sold at the market that she was several minutes late to the event.

Photo credit: Artoo Dia / Facebook

Thankfully, the boy was still able to spend time with this mother before the celebration ended.

But the video led many netizens to question whether events like this are really necessary as there certainly are many kids whose mothers could not attend the event for some reason. Some said that neglected kids or orphans would feel lonelier during such events.

Yet there are ways to solve such situations, such as the dad who dressed up as a woman to attend the event for his sons…

When is the Mother’s Day Celebration?

For most parts of the world, the Mother’s Day Celebration is held on the second Sunday of May. But in places like Thailand, the date is set on August 12 to also celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.