Boy Cares for Disabled Brother in School, Finds Help from Kind Netizens

While most kids have the freedom to play and have fun with friends during their free time, 11-year-old Alexis Peralta could only watch as his friends run around because he cares for his disabled 4-year-old brother AJ even while he is in school.

In fact, the brothers are living in school! But where are their parents?

Photo credit: Phoebe Cortes / Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho)

Earlier reports claimed that the Alexis and AJ were abandoned by their irresponsible parents; however, it turned out the two brothers had a third brother living with them in school – and had two more who were living with their mother.

Luna Boloy had gone to Manila to work as household helper to support her young children. She left the older kids with her second husband but the irresponsible guy was hurting the kids and wouldn’t even take care of AJ who was his son.

Every day, Alexis was the one who had to care for AJ. With no one to leave the young boy to, he decided to just bring him to school – even if that meant walking 3 km while carrying the 15-kg boy.

What amazed his teachers is that Alexis never complained about his situation. Yes, it was hard but he loved his brother so much and didn’t want to leave the boy with his irresponsible father.

At the tender age of 11, Alexis stood as brother, father, and mother to AJ and their other brother Aljur while their two youngest siblings were with their mother.

Seeing that the kids were having a difficult time, especially because they were being hurt by their father/guardian and had to walk far to get to school, the principal of Hinabuyan Elementary School in Dagami, Leyte offered them space inside her office as home.

After their classes, the siblings would go to the Principal’s Office. It is the place where Alexis can leave his little brother for a while so he can wash their clothes. He also cooks their food at the school canteen; then, he has to feed AJ who couldn’t walk or talk.

Taking pity on his situation, teacher Phoebe Cortes shared their photos on social media. As expected these went viral and reached Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho). This paved the way for the boys to find the help they so greatly needed.

Not only did they receive financial assistance from many netizens, they were reunited with their mother and someone donated a lot for them to use so they wouldn’t have to worry about a home again.

Thanks to the kind hearts who helped these kids!