Blues Toddler-Singer Melts Hearts As He Belts Out With Baby Talk

Music is very important in our lives, even to kids. Music gives a variety of advantages for small children. On top of developing their processing mentally, it can also help improve memory, improve with peers socially, encourage creativity and provide a great way for children to express themselves.

Just like what this cute little toddler did. Luca is a two-year-old music lover. You’ll see why we call him music lover.

Luca 1


Luca’s love for music especially blues is unlike any other. The moment the daddy hands over the mic and a harmonica, you’ll have no doubt that Luca is born to be in the music scene.

Luca 2


While the daddy was strumming his guitar, Luca gives it everything he got. His adorable baby speaks and the way he belts it out will surely melt your heart. Thank God the daddy was ready with his camera to capture this adorable moment.

Luca 3


Giving the performance an added spice using the harmonica, you can see how the two are enjoying their performance. Clutching his harmonica, Luca gave it a shot and made people smile more.

Luca 4


It is very clear, with just by looking at Luca’s expression and entire performance, that it is just a matter of time until we see him performing with the bests. I mean, just look at how he is enjoying the performance, not only does he have a superb stage presence and rhythm, but he also got his moves.

Ideasfun believe that this toddler has a space in the music world someday.

Watch the video below:

What is the Blues music genre?

In the music scene, blues is used to coin the music form that originated from the African Americans in the Deep South of the US. The genre paved its way out in the music industry from roots in African American work songs, African American traditions, folk music, spirituals, field hollers, and shouts.