Blind Woman Sells Bread to Survive, But People Keep Taking Her Goods

Relying on the goodness and honesty of people to sell her goods because she’s blind, a 71-year-old lady in Bangkok, Thailand opens up her shop early each morning. But while the prices are clearly indicated on her products, there are a lot of people who take her goods because they know she can’t see them!

Facebook page I AM EAT shared photos taken of Aunt Nid, the blind old woman who sells bread to survive. Her family helps her bring boxes of bread to the shop which she tends to for the rest of the day, until her goods are all sold out.

Photo credit: I AM EAT / Facebook

But while it was obvious that Aunt Nid could not see, several unscrupulous individuals don’t take pity on her or see that even with her problems, she still tries her best to make an honest living. There are lots of times when people just get from Aunt Nid’s bread boxes without paying anything.

While she can’t see these people do it or give the cops a description of how they look, she knows the bread gets taken because the total amount she earns each day does not match the number of breads she sold.

Photo credit: I AM EAT / Facebook

But Aunt Nid refuses to give up. Every single day she comes back to her spot to sell the bread. She continues to smile despite the hardships she face, because she knows that she has to do this to survive.

She picks up the bread from a bakery. Then, she sells each piece of bread for 50 baht ($1.64) but only gets a profit of 5 baht ($0.16) for each piece sold.

Photo credit: I AM EAT / Facebook

Netizens were impressed by Aunt Nid’s determination, and angry at the people taking advantage of the fact that she can’t see. Many are hoping she could find help from the government; though many netizens said they would help buy her products so she could have honest customers who would truly pay her properly for the goods she is selling.

What is a Profit?

In business, profit is something that you earn after deducting the capital. It is a financial gain that is calculated as the difference between buying or producing something and the amount paid by the customer for the product or how much money you made in the investment.

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