Blackheads Can Form In Your Ears – And Your Headphones Can Cause It

WARNING: Some may find the video and photos in this article uncomfortable.

When we hear the word blackheads, we automatically think about the black ingrown-like dirt on our noses.

Little do some people know that blackheads do not only appear on noses, our ears are also susceptible to have blackheads, doctors warn.

For sure you are all familiar with blackheads and pimple popping videos that are “popping” up on YouTube and Facebook.

In one segments of The Doctors, people were warned that blackheads can also form in the ears. Although it might be gross and revolting to watch for some, it can serve as a reminder to always practice good hygiene.

While hygiene is a prime factor for blackheads, some also attribute it to genetics and hormones. Now, another factor has been added to it.

Apparently, prolonged usage of headphones can also result in blackheads in the ears.

Not to scare you away from listening to your music of course, but the good news is, with the help of proper hygiene, it can be prevented.


Before being paranoid though, it is best that we understand why blackheads are formed.

Blackheads are caused by oil that is secreted by our face, particularly in the nose part, although your whole face can also be susceptible. Blackheads are intensified when the oil becomes clogged beneath the skin.

Blackhead 3


According to Elite Readers, the ears also contains many sebaceous glands. These glands are the ones responsible for secreting oil. Therefore, if you have oil in your ears too, then it can also be a breeding ground for these blackheads.

Here are some reminders for you to ensure that you won’t have blackheads in your ear:

  • Practice good hygiene, make sure to clean your ears with a cotton swab regularly.
  • Limit the use of headphones, let your ears breath once in a while.
  • Change your headphones once in a while.
  • Make sure to clean your headphones every week.

Watch the video below: