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Billy Joel Sings “Miami 2017” Near Miami in 2017!

Back in 1976, Billy Joel released the apocalyptic sci-fi song “Miami 2017” which talked about the downfall of New York City as told by someone who survived the catastrophic event. While it was a particularly morbid song about the singer’s vision of 2017, it was also quite popular – and he often sings it in concerts and shows throughout the years.

Forty years after the song was released, Billy finally got to sing the single to welcome 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – just some 30 minutes away from Miami.

It would have been more exciting to have him sing the song in Miami but there are still over 360 days left in 2017 and we’re quite sure he’d get the chance to do it in Miami before the year ends!

Screeenshot from video billyjoelVEVO / YouTube

Of course, it was a rather morbid song to choose in welcoming the new year but “Miami 2017” was such a hit that it was but expected that Billy Joel will sing this year – though we definitely didn’t think he would do it to welcome 2017!

Thankfully, the lights are still on in Broadway, the Empire State building hasn’t fallen, and Manhattan hasn’t been sunk to sea! Whew!

Watch one of the best videos of his performance of Miami 2017, taken in 2011:

LYRICS: Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)


Seen the lights go out on Broadway

I saw the Empire State laid low

And life went on beyond the Palisades

They all bought Cadillacs

And left there long ago

They held a concert out in Brooklyn

To watch the island bridges blow

They turned our power down

And drove us underground

But we went right on with the show


I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway

I saw the ruins at my feet

You know we almost didn’t notice it

We’d seen it all the time on Forty-second Street

They burned the chuches up in Harlem

Like in the Spanish civil war

The flames were ev’rywhere

But no one really cared

It always burned up there before


I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway

I’ve watched the mighty skyline fall

The boats were waiting at the battery

The union went on strike

They never sailed at all

They sent a carrier out from Norfolk

And picked the Yankees up for free

They said that Queens could stay

They blew the Bronx away

And sank Manhattan out at sea


You know those lights were bright on Broadway

That was so many years ago

Before we all lived here in Florida

Before the Mafia took over Mexico

There are not many who remember

They say a handful still survive

To tell the world about

The way the lights went out

And keep the memory alive


What can you Say?


This 7-Year-Old Made $11 Million In 2017 Alone By Making Videos On YouTube




Ryan Image

If you have a toddler at home who loves watching YouTube videos, there is absolutely no way that you haven’t heard about Ryan’ Toy Review.

It is a YouTube toy-review channel wherein the host is a kid himself. The kid is the 7-year-old Ryan who features toys and board games that they actually play with.

Ryan, together with his Mommy and Daddy started his channel when he was three. He started as just another fan of toy-review videos when he asked his parents if he can have his own channel.

They created one and posted videos of him they started in March 2015.

Their first video was of him buying a toy in the store, going home and then playing with it. As of today that video already has over 30 million views.

By July 2015, they posted a video with Disney’s Cars theme and it went viral.

Ryan 1

The channel then grew to a whopping 10 million subscribers! The subscribers alone are enough to give them $1 million a month. What more with the other views and advertisements.

Ryan made it to the Forbes’ annual list of highest-earning YouTube celebrities.

Before, their videos were only of him and his Daddy. Mommy was always behind the camera and just taking the video.

Ryan 4

In November 2016, she revealed herself, as 2 more addition to their family was added. Ryan has two twin sisters Emma and Kate.

Ryan 2

Along with this, they created another channel where they feature their adventures as a family. They called it “Ryan’s Family Review” where they can be seen enjoying the day.

When Kate and Emma learned to walk, their whole fandom rejoiced with them. Unlike Ryan which we first saw when he was already 3, the viewers were able to watch Kate and Emma and all their milestones.

Ryan 3

In 2017 alone, Ryan and his family generated around $11 million pretax, according to Elite Readers.

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Woman Defends Choice after ‘Ugly Boyfriend’ Gets Bashed Online




It is sad that society feels the need to judge others based on their looks and their choices in life, including how well they match with their partners based on outward appearances and status in life.

For many, ugly people should only be in a relationship with equally ugly people while the good-looking ones should also have a relationship with those who look great. But who’s to say what’s ugly and what’s good-looking, anyway?

Photo credit: Viral4Real

A beautiful woman was recently bashed after posting photos of her boyfriend because netizens think the fat, ‘ugly’ guy doesn’t deserve her at all. Seeing that she’s skinny, people also wished Linh My Nguyen had a fit boyfriend who looked handsome.

Photo credit: Viral4Real

While some pointed out that Linh isn’t exactly a beauty queen but just someone fair and slim, others said even if she was the most beautiful girl in the world (by whose standards, we wonder), it would still be unfair for others to judge her boyfriend just because he doesn’t look like the most handsome guy in the world!

Photo credit: Viral4Real

But for Linh, love isn’t all about looks. She feels happy with her boyfriend; thus, even if he might not be a handsome guy, she loves him with all her heart and doesn’t wish she fell for someone more handsome.

The young lady said she is proud of her boyfriend and that she would continue defending him from bashers, saying he is the ‘love of her life’ and she is actually hoping they would be together forever!

Photo credit: Viral4Real

To the world, he might not be handsome but for Linh, he’s the most handsome guy in the world – and if her heart feels that, who are we to say she deserves someone better, anyway?

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Mark Ruffalo Praises Pinoy Maker of Realistic Action Figures




He portrays the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and must have seen a lot of action figures of himself as well as other members of the team but American actor Mark Ruffalo, was quite surprised and amazed at the works of Pinoy artist Elmer Padilla who gifted him with one.

It can be recalled that Padilla went viral a couple of months ago after someone posted about his incredible action figures made from discarded slippers and rubber scraps.

The post propelled Padilla to fame, with people expressing amazement that the construction worker from Samar who went to Cavite to find a better life could actually make such incredibly realistic action figures out of recycled materials.

Photo credit: Mark Ruffalo / Facebook

It is unknown how Padilla was able to send the Hulk action figure to Ruffalo but the actor was definitely amazed over what he did.

Quite grateful over the Hulk action figure and surprised that it was made from slippers, the actor posted photos on Facebook, captioning it with, “Believe it or not, this #Hulk doll is made out of recycled tsinelas (that’s tagalog for flip-flops). @elmerboytsinelas made this for me so I just wanted to give a nice shoutout. Not only is this inventively creative, but it’s sustainable and just pure awesome! Thank you Elmer!

The post has since gone viral, gaining over 20k likes and 3.4k shares. We’re quite willing to bet Ruffalo’s post will further increase Padilla’s fame. Would he be on the way to making more action figures for the international market? That is not impossible!

Ruffalo’s post is also quite timely as they are promoting “Thor: Ragnarok”. Padilla could be getting a lot of orders for Avengers action figures.

Photo credit: Mark Ruffalo / Facebook

We can hardly wait for other Hollywood stars to also post about Padilla on their social media pages soon!

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