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Billy Joel Sings “Miami 2017” Near Miami in 2017!

Back in 1976, Billy Joel released the apocalyptic sci-fi song “Miami 2017” which talked about the downfall of New York City as told by someone who survived the catastrophic event. While it was a particularly morbid song about the singer’s vision of 2017, it was also quite popular – and he often sings it in concerts and shows throughout the years.

Forty years after the song was released, Billy finally got to sing the single to welcome 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – just some 30 minutes away from Miami.

It would have been more exciting to have him sing the song in Miami but there are still over 360 days left in 2017 and we’re quite sure he’d get the chance to do it in Miami before the year ends!

Screeenshot from video billyjoelVEVO / YouTube

Of course, it was a rather morbid song to choose in welcoming the new year but “Miami 2017” was such a hit that it was but expected that Billy Joel will sing this year – though we definitely didn’t think he would do it to welcome 2017!

Thankfully, the lights are still on in Broadway, the Empire State building hasn’t fallen, and Manhattan hasn’t been sunk to sea! Whew!

Watch one of the best videos of his performance of Miami 2017, taken in 2011:

LYRICS: Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)


Seen the lights go out on Broadway

I saw the Empire State laid low

And life went on beyond the Palisades

They all bought Cadillacs

And left there long ago

They held a concert out in Brooklyn

To watch the island bridges blow

They turned our power down

And drove us underground

But we went right on with the show


I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway

I saw the ruins at my feet

You know we almost didn’t notice it

We’d seen it all the time on Forty-second Street

They burned the chuches up in Harlem

Like in the Spanish civil war

The flames were ev’rywhere

But no one really cared

It always burned up there before


I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway

I’ve watched the mighty skyline fall

The boats were waiting at the battery

The union went on strike

They never sailed at all

They sent a carrier out from Norfolk

And picked the Yankees up for free

They said that Queens could stay

They blew the Bronx away

And sank Manhattan out at sea


You know those lights were bright on Broadway

That was so many years ago

Before we all lived here in Florida

Before the Mafia took over Mexico

There are not many who remember

They say a handful still survive

To tell the world about

The way the lights went out

And keep the memory alive


What can you Say?


Legendary Slackliner and Daredevil Faith Dickey Crosses a Canyon Wearing Three-Inch Heels




It is no secret: wearing a pair of heels is really difficult, especially if you are going to attend a special function where walking is needed. If you’re not used to wearing heels, you might just stare at your feet the whole time because you are terrified you are going to hit a bump in the road and find yourself face plant into the concrete. Wearing heels in the morning until the night may want you to feel that you just want to go home and throw your shoes in the garbage.

However, some women still choose to wear heels. Not only does it make you more made up but it also makes you feel more authorized and formal. It also makes any woman stand up taller, look slimmer, and feel more confident.

Heels can be a pain at times, but you will be surprised to see a woman who has taken them to new heights – literally!

Faith Dickey is one of the best slackliners in the world. [Image Credit: EpicTV / Youtube]
Faith Dickey is one of the best slackliners in the world. [Image Credit: EpicTV / Youtube]

The Ultimate Daredevil

Professional Slackliner and daredevil Faith Dickey from Austin, Texas, fearlessly walked across a wire hundreds of feet in the air while wearing three-inch heels. She inched her way above a canyon wearing a pair of black pumps.

Faith only had a slim cord attaching her to the line, just in case she tripped.

Are you brave enough to cross a canyon wearing heels? [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]
Are you brave enough to cross a canyon wearing heels? [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]

Not the First Time

You will be surprised to know that this is not Faith’s first time to walk across a wire wearing heels. In January 2015, she also participated in the Women’s Highline Meeting in Ostrov, Czech Republic where she broke all previous female high lining records, including the highest free solo walk for a woman which measures 820 feet above the ground.

She again tested her skills by crossing the Pera da Gávea in Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil’s most famous highlines wearing a pair of bright pink kitten heels.

She holds a lot of records in slacklining. [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]
She holds a lot of records in slacklining. [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]
People who saw Faith crossing the thin cords with her choice of shoes have nothing to say but admiration and surprise.

I have never seen anything like it before – I’ve taken photos of highliners, but one wearing a pair of heels is completely different. Faith is very experienced at highlining, but even so, she had to be extremely careful in her heels.

The daredevil is the first woman to pass the 100-meter mark in highlining. She also holds several world records in the sports of slackening.

People were amazed upon seeing her tricks. [Image Credit: EpicTV / Youtube]
People were amazed upon seeing her tricks. [Image Credit: EpicTV / Youtube]
Do you think you can do whatever Faith is doing? Are you brave enough to dare yourself to cross a thin wire up in the air? Because for us, we surely can’t! We’ll leave it to the professionals.

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Man Having Horror Stories In His Apartment Shares The Experiences On Twitter




Would you dare to live in an apartment with someone you can’t see but feel? Though we are already in the modern age, still, horror stories exist! It is just that there are more technical ways to prove such but it’s up to you if you will believe them.

The paranormal documentation “Dear David” has been storming the Twitter netizens recently. It happened on Adam Ellis, a cartoonist from New York.

How Dear David started

Adam has been sharing his chilling experiences at home through Twitter. Some believe it, and some do not. But now, he had them documented to give proof that what he’s experiencing is real.

Adam started to share his experience way back August 2017. He lives alone in New York with his two cats. Ellis experiences episodes of sleep paralysis.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

He often dreams of a young boy who appears damaged physically. In one of his episodes, he was approached by a young girl at a library. The kid asked him if he had seen Dear David. Moreover, she said that the young boy is dead and he only appears at midnight. She warns that you should say, Dear David, if you want to ask a question. But, he can only answer two. Spilling the third question will just make him murdered.

Proofs of Adam’s horrible experience

After the encounter with the young girl, weeks have passed and he saw Dear David again. In his dream, he saw the kid in his room sitting in his green chair. Adam asked about his death. The boy stated that someone hit him on the head in a store. Ellis dared to throw the third question by asking the kid who murdered him. Right there and then, the cartoonist woke up thinking if he was going to die.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

Adam transfer to his new apartment, leaving all the spine-chilling experiences he had. But he was shocked when his cats gather in front of his door every single midnight. He also hears loud noises and a kid playing outside his room despite living on the top floor.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

Ellis consistently shares his experiences on Twitter. The netizens asked him to draw the face of David in his dreams. And show a drawn picture of a young boy disfigured in the head.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

Adam’s followers grew at the time, intrigued by his weird and scary experiences. He installed security cameras in his apartment and saw stranger stuff happening while he is sleeping or away. Ellis saw his cat, being played by someone invisible.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

He saw a trap door in his apartment. Out of curiosity, he asks help from the landlord and they got a marble and a leather kid’s shoe.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

Poor Adam downloaded an app that will take pictures of his place every minute.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

The next day, feeling unusual as he wakes up, saw pictures of a young boy watching him in his sleep.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

And then it got closer.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

And closer!

After the incident, Adam posts less and claims that he is no longer having episodes of David.

Many have been captured by Adam’s horrible experiences. This became a debate whether it is true or just a mere imagination and an attempt to be known for his career as a cartoonist. Looking through Adam’s proofs, which side would you dare to buy?

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68-Year-Old Grandpa Wows with Drum Skills on ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’




The judges and avid viewers of reality TV talent show ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ were wowed by a 68-year-old grandpa who has superb drumming skills even at his age.

Ernesto Chuidan, 68, hails from Capas town, Tarlac, according to ABS-CBN News; however, during the audition, he told the judges he was from Metro Manila, perhaps out of nervousness at being on stage and getting seen by millions of viewers across the Philippines.

The news report on his performance also mentioned that Tatay Ernesto ‘could barely recall’ how many grandchildren he already has but when he took the stage to play his drums, you know for certain this is a skill he won’t likely forget anytime soon!

Photo credit: Pilipinas Got Talent / YouTube

His performance was so energetic that it’s hard to tell it was a 68-year-old man who was playing the drums on stage, if you weren’t looking at his face. Perhaps it’s one of those pranks wherein a young man dresses up as an old man and acts old to shock viewers with his skills? But, no! This is for real.

Judge Robin Padilla was so impressed by Tatay Ernesto’s drum skills that he keeps exclaiming various words to praise the old man throughout his performance. Then, as Tatay Ernesto finished his audition, Robin went up to him and gave him a hug, praising him for a job well done and for his amazing talent.

Purihin ang Panginoon at nakita ko kayo. Inspirasyon kayo sa akin, petmalu, lodi!” Robin exclaimed.

For me, what you have is real talent and real talent does not fade,” Vice Ganda said.

Photo credit: Pilipinas Got Talent / YouTube

Angel Locsin and Freddie ‘FMG’ Garcia were also impressed; although Angel jokingly said she’s might be kicked out from the job after laughing when FMG commented, “Sa edad niyong yan” (At your age) before correcting himself to “Sa edad natin” (At our age). LOL.

Watch Tatay Ernesto’s superb performance here:

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