Biker Eats Breakfast at ‘Roadside Diner’, Discovers It is Just Someone’s House

A biker eats breakfast at a roadside diner, only to discover after eating that it was someone’s house! LOL.

Biker Makes Mistake at ‘Roadside Diner’

Mohd Kharbi went to a trip on his bike in the town of Kuala Berang, Malaysia. After cycling for many miles since dawn, he quite happy to find a roadside diner where he saw a man, two girls, and a boy enjoying their meal.

Feeling hungry and seeing that the family appears to be enjoying a good meal, he sat down and ordered what they were eating. A woman happily served him, putting rice on his plate and giving him a serving of the food the family at the other table was eating.

After cycling for more than 70km I came across this unassuming roadside stall. With my judgement clouded due to hunger, I made a u-turn and stopped at the stall. I saw two girls, a boy and a man enjoying their morning meal,” Kharbi shared.

There was nasi dagang there and I thought that this meal might the specialty of this stall, so I ordered it. I placed my order and the makcik obligingly began spooning the rice and carried on serving just like how a restaurant would. She even chatted a little with me as I was having my meal.

It had been a good meal, Kharbi praised the woman. He happily asked for the bill but was surprised when the woman said he did not have to pay.

As I was about to leave, I spoke to the makcik asking her for the bill. She said that I did not have to pay as this is not a restaurant. I was also shocked at the fact that I ordered nasi dagang at the time and she had some in her kitchen,” Kharbi shared.

The way the kitchen was arranged, with drinking glasses set on the table at the time, spoke to me that this was a bonafide stall. I can only imagine what the people there thought of me when I invited myself into their home and ate their food.

What’s a Roadside Diner?

A roadside diner is simply a small restaurant located at the side of the road. This place often caters to travelers and is a great pit stop when you’re still a long way from your destination.

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