Big Brother Comforts Terminally Ill Baby Brother

Life can be so unfair at times but despite the deep despair we feel, there’s still a bright side to things and beautiful moments that take the pain away, somehow. Like in the story shared by Sheryl Blanksby, a mom who blogs under the name “Ms. Chikee.”

Blanksby has a 3-year-old son William and a baby named Thomas whom she calls her “Rainbow Baby”, a term used for a child born after mom suffers a miscarriage in her previous pregnancy.

Thomas was just 11 weeks old when the doctors discovered that he had terminal cancer. The doctors had previously removed his kidney before the final diagnosis was made.

Photo credit: Go Fund Me

The family has no idea how long they have left to spend with Thomas and it breaks their hearts that he is a rainbow baby, only to follow his unborn sibling to the grave as well.

While the family set up a Go Fund Me account to help defray the medical expenses and make Thomas’ remaining time on Earth absolutely awesome, they plan to make as many memories as possible with the little boy.

The family is based in Perth, Australia. They recently went on a vacation. Blanksby shares a beautiful moment she captured on camera during that holiday trip.

According to Blanksby, the kids were unusually quiet – and parents know that such could be a not-so-good sign that they are up to some kind of trouble. So, she tiptoed to the lounge with a camera in hand, expecting to catch William (Mr. Preschooler) doing something naughty like covering Thomas with Nutella or something but she found a bittersweet scene.

The two boys were ‘talking’, with William assuring his little brother that he was just there for him and everything was going to be OK…

What is Terminal Illness?

A terminal illness is a medical condition or disease that could not be cured and is expected to result in the patient’s death within a short period of time.