Best Service: Restaurant Staff Searched Through Trash Cans to Find a Customer’s Lost Ring

 One guy happily shared the experience he and his wife had at a restaurant whose staff went out of their way to help them find his wife’s lost ring.

Daryl William Bridger enjoyed dinner with his wife, Nina Dzas, at Fatty Crab, a popular seafood restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, last January 12. Since she wanted to use her hands in eating but didn’t want to ruin her ring, Nina took off her ring so she can best dig in and enjoy the meal.

Photo credit: Daryl William Bridger / Facebook

They truly enjoyed their meal that his wife forgot about the ring she placed on the table before they started on the feast. They were already on their way home when his wife realized that she left the ring on the table! But it was already 30 minutes since they left the restaurant; thus, Daryl drove back as fast as he could, in hopes that they could still find the ring.

According to Daryl, they badly wanted the ring back because it was a sentimental gift from Nina’s mom.

Photo credit: Daryl William Bridger / Facebook

We straight away rushed to the restaurant and commanded the auntie in charge to do spot checks on the staffs and also to find the ring by hook or by crook. I really couldn’t put into words how grateful I am for fatty crab’s crew. Half of the staffs went to search all the rubbish bins,” he shared.

As soon as they found the ring, they applauded and cheered so loud as if it was their own ring. I was mesmerized. Such sincerity and loyalty to their customers. They even rejected our tips. Man, we are forever grateful and we will always support you Fatty Crab. You have our heart forever starting today.

The grateful customer also shared that the restaurant staff had gone through three large bags or garbage before finally finding the ring! But it was a good thing they found it. Kudos to these honest and helpful restaurant staff…

Photo credit: Daryl William Bridger / Facebook

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