Because the Sea was Too Calm, These Surfers Made Waves from the River on the Beach!

Hawaii is a great destination for surfing – and there are lots of surfers in this beautiful place.

Now, what happens when there are a lot of surfers but there are no waves to surf? Well, the best solution they could come up with will certainly amaze you: create their own waves!

Armed with their surfboards, the surfers head to the beach and began digging a trench in the sand. This action might seem a little crazy considering they were on the beach – how would this create waves? Well, you should not underestimate the power of nature and the genius minds of these surfers.

They were not just digging on the beach without some knowledge about the unique geologic feature of the area. They were actually trying to make a path for the Waimea River to regain its way to the Pacific Ocean.

But how is that going to make them some waves? Well, take a look at this:

Wasn’t that wonderful? I’d love to join these guys on the beach and have fun surfing, too…

Waimea River

A lot of people on YouTube were angry at the surfers for tampering with nature. What happens to the river ecosystem now that they channeled the river to the sea?

Well, the answer is pretty simple: the surfers did not do anything harmful because Waimea River really opens to the Pacific Ocean. However, there are times of the year when the mouth is filled with sand and the river could not freely flow to the sea.

Of course, the river would eventually find a way over that sand to flow on its course but the surfers are taking advantage of the sand’s dam effect so they could create waves to surf on. Brilliant, isn’t it?

If you look closely in the video, the waves eventually become smaller and the surfers were soon merely swimming, not surfing on the river’s water.

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