Batman of Maryland Dies After Tragic Road Accident

Leonard Robinson, a man known to many as the Batman of Maryland, recently passed away after a tragic road accident. The 51-year-old guy often dresses up as the fictional DC Comics superhero as he visits hospital to cheer up sick kids.

The incident happened when Robinson parked his Batmobile, a black customized Lamborghini, partially in the fast lane. He stepped out of the vehicle to fix it after an engine problem. Suddenly, the back of his car was hit by a speeding Toyota Camry which then struck him.

Robinson was on his way home after attending an event in full Batman costume in Charleston, West Virginia. According to Sgt. Stacey Cain of the Charlottesville police, the area wasn’t well lit.

It has been reported that Robinson spent over $25,000 of his personal money each year to give away toys, books, shirts, and other Batman-related merchandise to children. He was inspired to start dressing up as the iconic character because of his experiences playing with his son and seeing how the superhero made an impact on the young boy.

Laurie Strongin, Hope for Henry’s executive director, praised ‘Lenny’ for being “such a hero because of how he lived his life.”

Maryland Accident Statistics

According to the Motor Vehicle Administration, traffic crashes are “the number one killer of people between ages 4 to 24” and that each year, “traffic crashes kill more people in Maryland than homicides.”

The website’s 5-year crash summary report (covering year 2003 to 2007) indicated that there have been 580 fatal crashes in Maryland as well as 36,681 injury crashes, and a property-damage only cash of 66,473. Total number of injuries is at 55,232 while fatalities are at 635.

In 2014, BaltimoreSun reported that a total of 442 people died in traffic incidents in Maryland which is “the lowest number since 1948 and about half the 872 deaths on Maryland roadways in 1968, the deadliest year on record.”

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