Baby Devises a Brilliant Plan To Safely Get Out Of Bed

Proud father Francisco Aguilar shared a video of his “genius” 11-month-old son getting out of bed in the safest possible way.

Titled  “My son the genius”, the short video clips shows how the clever infant managed to safely get down from a bed.

After finding that the distance between the bed and the floor might cause him a little trouble, the baby tosses pillows over the side of the bed to prepare for his “safe landing”. After creating the pile, he makes his way out of the bed and lands safely.

Coming up with a smart solution to his dilemma is extremely remarkable for his age. His swift moves make him destined to be the next MacGyver!

That’s one mission accomplished, smart baby!

Watch the amusing video below.

How to Easily Get Out of The Bed in the Morning?

I’m definitely not a morning person and getting out of bed at the start of the day has been really tough since day one. It’s like waking up at the wrong side of the bed every single day.

Unfortunately, one wrong snooze can define your entire day. While your warm and cozy bed may feel inviting, going back to sleep may cost you more than you can imagine.

So I’m giving you some tips to make waking up much easier in the morning, according to LifeHacker. 

1. Program different temperature settings in the morning.

A programmable thermostat will do the trick. Simply program your thermostat to warm your room a few minutes before you wake up.

2. Create an interesting morning routine.

Surprisingly, your morning routine can be something you could look forward to. See to it that you give yourself time to reflect and relax before starting your day. Make sure to do some thing that will feed your mind.

3. Get more quality sleep.

Isn’t it much easier to get up in the morning if you get an upgraded sleep?

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