Awesome Video Shows Amazing Japanese Military Precision!

Have you ever wondered if the military has a sense of humor?

Well, this awesome video will not only show you just how amazing the Japanese soldiers are at precision marching but also at how they are able to create funny marches that left the audience laughing hard as they watched the drill unfold right before their eyes.

The clip began with a platoon being marched around the gym. The young men were bringing coats in their hands; these coats they later donned. It was after the coats were worn that the crazily wonderful antics began.

As you can see in the video below, the young soldiers marched in awesome precision that even when they were split into groups and made to run towards each other, no one got hit by anyone!

They were also able to create various formations that left the audience in awe. It is amazing how these young men were able to achieve such a difficult feat.

Watch their fantastic performance here:

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