At Just 21, This Woman Completes 2 Degrees, Buys a Home, and Starts PhD

She’s just 21 years old but this woman goes viral as she completes 2 degrees, buys a home, and starts her PhD at an age when many of us are just starting out and trying to figure out the path we take in our career!

Young Woman Lives Dreams

While most people are still starting out with their careers at age 21, one woman has already completed two degrees, was able to buy a home, and is starting her PhD as such a young age!

Photo credit: Pakeezah Zubairi / Instagram

Pakeezah Zubairi from Florida wowed everyone as she was able to accomplish so many things and is already living her dreams even at just age 21. It is impressive that this young lady was able to take her secondary school while also doing courses with university credits.

By the time she started her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she had already completed half of the subjects for the course. So, it took her only a short time to complete that degree.

She would soon complete her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Human Resources Management, becoming the youngest student to graduate with an MBA at Lynn University, Florida. She accomplished this at age 20.

While she was studying, Pakeezah had also been working full time to support herself and save for her future. Though she already had work, she and her boyfriend Steven did their best to save up. Often, that meant eating the cheapest food options: instant noodles!

But the two are happy with their choices, especially because that meant they were able to save up enough money to buy a house. At just 21, Pakeezah was already able to buy a house. The move is her first step to independence, but this angered her strict Muslim parents who refused to talk to her afterwards.

Yet Pakeezah was only trying her best to live her dreams. She feels sad that her parents don’t support her dreams but this did not stop her from continuing to dream and enrolling for her PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Youngest Person with PhD

The youngest person to hold a PhD is Karl Witte, the son of an educational author who is said to have put his hypotheses to work on his son. Born in 1800, Karl holds this record after completing his PhD at just 13 years old.

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