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Ashes of the Dead Should Not Be Scattered Nor Kept at Home, Says Vatican


As All Souls’ and All Saints’ Days draw near, the Vatican has recently issued new guidelines banning the scattering of ashes “in the air, on land, at sea or in some other way.” The new rules, which were approved by Pope Francis this year, also discouraged the storing of cremated remains inside homes.

According to the guidelines, which emphasize the Roman Catholic Church’s preference for burial over cremation, ashes must be preserved in cemeteries or other scared places approved by the Chuch.


German cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller told the press: ”The body is not the private property of the family. A dead person is a son of God. It is part of the body of Christ, it is part of God’s people. It’s for this reason that there is not only private rites for the deceased but it’s a public ceremony.”

He added that storing the cremation urns in places approved by the Church would decrease “the risk of shielding the dead from prayers for them and the memory of their family and the Christian community”.

Mueller then clarified that bishops may authorize exceptions to the new guidelines “in serious and exceptional” circumstances related to local practices and customs.

However, the new rules will not be applied to the relics of saints whose remains have been preserved for hundreds of years to avoid conflicts between believers.

After centuries of banning cremation, the Catholic Church started authorizing it in 1963.

What is Cremation?

An alternative to the internment of intact dead body in a casket or coffin, cremation is a funeral or post-funeral rite that involves the “combustion, vaporisation and oxidation” of dead remains to ashes, gases and mineral fragments.

While the process is usually done in a crematorium, other countries like Nepal and India practice open-air cremation.


What can you Say?


Woman Shares Husband’s Compassionate Reaction after Baby Gets Scalded with Boiling Water




Parents love their children so much that they would surely get angry when someone harms their kids! But what if the incident was not intentional? How would you react?

A mom named Jinghan Naan of Singapore had a first-hand experience on the matter when her daughter got scalded with boiling water by their new helper. As expected, she was furious about what happened but her heart changed after hearing her husband’s compassionate reaction.

According to Jinghan, their helper had just been with them for a week. The woman had just finished pouring boiling water into a thermos when Masha, Jinghan’s daughter, looked at her. In an attempt to amuse the kid, the helper began shaking the thermos, forgetting that she had not covered it yet. This resulted in the boiling water splashing all over the place, hitting the kid on the arm!

Photo credit: Jinghan Naan / Facebook

Jinghan’s husband Aizat immediately took Masha to the bathroom to run cool water on her arm but while both of them had gotten soaking wet in the process, blisters were already forming on the child’s arm. So, they took her to the hospital for treatment.

Seeing her child suffering, Jinghan felt anger and frustration. She was very furious at the new helper, with her anger growing each time the baby cries.

Hours later, as Masha slumped on Aizat’s shoulder out of exhaustion, the couple had a talk. But it wasn’t something Jinghan had expected.

Instead of saying they should fire the helper, Aizat told Jinghan to ask if she was alright. The shocked wife wondered why that was so and Aizat explained that they were so focused on Masha that they had forgotten the helper must have suffered injuries, too. For sure, she was also shocked and had felt guilty about what happened but it was all an accident.

Jinghan insisted at first that the helper was to blame for the accident but Aizat gently reminded her that the woman was human and makes mistakes; she did not want it to happen.

Photo credit: Jinghan Naan / Facebook

Realizing that her husband was right, Jinghan did what Aizat said. She later shared that both Masha and the helper are doing fine now – and the woman is still with them.

What a beautiful lesson about compassion

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Teen Taking A Selfie Left Severely Injured By Train That Rushed Past Behind Her




Selfie Image

It has long been established that selfies can be dangerous. Especially if you become addicted to it that you forget to be careful about your surroundings, in your attempts to shoot the perfect selfie.

May we remind you about the most dangerous selfies that have been posted? Or do you want to read about the man who lost his life because he wanted a selfie with a walrus? Or what about the guy who accidentally killed himself because he wanted a selfie with an unpinned grenade? See, the list is endless.

Adding to that list is this young woman from Indonesia who were taking photos with her friends near the train tracks in Purworejo on December 6.

Selfie 1

Ely Hayati, 16, and her friends stopped by the railway track while they were having a stroll along it. They decided to take a selfie, with the girl in front holding a selfie stick when a train rushes past behind them.

Selfie 2

Not mindful of the possible danger, the teen was thrown forward for a few meters from where she was by the force of the train. Causing her to bump her head into the concrete slab.

Selfie 3

She suffered heavy bleeding and her friends immediately asked for help from the residents around the area.

Selfie 4

Hayati was quickly rushed to the hospital where she underwent an emergency surgery in order to stop her bleeding.

Although she is still in the ICU, World of Buzz, it is lucky that she survived the incident and nothing more tragic happened to the girl from South China who decided to take a selfie with an upcoming train who seconds later, eventually killed her on the stop.

The girls managed to take photos of the incident, one while Hayati was still upright and another one where she was already down and have probably already hit her head.

May this incident serve as a warning to those who are taking their selfies. Remember that no matter how “cool” your selfie is, it won’t matter much if you are not alive and well.

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Two Nursing Grads Passed Away The Same Day That They Passed Their Board Exam




Nurse 1

Boards exams and bar exams are milestones that open up a new career path for anyone who takes it. For some, passing their exams can mean the start of their new life.

Unfortunately, two newly passed nurses met their dead end on the day they passed the exam instead of starting a new life.

Nurse 2

Louis Mitchell Nayre Ferolin and Alexa Eddy Ceniza Carvajal of Cebu Doctors’ University took the Professional Regulation Commission’s (PRC) Nurses Licensure Exam (NLE) last November.

Nurse 3

The PRC released the results of the exam on December 12, but in a tragic twist of fate, this is also the day that the two died in a car accident around dawn.

The two are both from Mandaue City, Ferolin was driving their Isuzu NU-X car with plate number ABN 5206 with Carvajal also inside. The car went out of control as they were passing on a flyover, resulting in them hitting the metal railing of the said flyover.

According to SPO4 Ramon Budiongan of Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) Traffic Patrol Group, the two lost their lives at dawn in the car accident that took place in Barangay Barrio Luz, Cebu City on Tuesday, December 12,2017, the same day that it was released that the two of them passed the board exam.

On Wednesday, the following day, their University’s Facebook Page, CDU College of Nursing Alumni Association expressed their mourning in the sudden death of both nurses who had just passed the exam.

“Heaven gained 2 new RNs (registered nurses) today. Our prayers are with you and your families. RIP Louis Ferolin and Alexa Carvajal of Batch 2017,”

Instead of starting their life after the exam, and making their families proud, their families are now mourning for the two. This unfortunate accident makes us realize that we should treasure everyone around us because we do not know when they will be taken from us.

Rest in peace Louis Mitchell Nayre Ferolin and Alexa Eddy Ceniza, you have made your family proud, for the last time.

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