Artist’s Heartbreaking Reunion with a Former Lover Will Make You Cry

In 2010, artist Marina Abramovic moved her audience to tears at an exhibit dubbed as “The Artist is Present” held at the Museum of Modern art.

During the presentation, several members of the audience were asked to sit across from Marina in complete silence. In turn, Marina would stare at them.

Many of those who took part in the performance were moved, but an unexpected guest suddenly showed up at the exhibition.

Towards the end of the performance, artist Ulay, who happens to be Marina’s former lover,sat across her. It was their first time to see each other after 22 years.

The two were in a relationship in the 70’s but decided to part ways in 1988. But unlike ordinary break-ups, Marina and Ulay took their break-up to the next level by going on a spiritual journey to China.

Starting on opposite ends of the Great Wall of China, the two walked the entire length and met at the middle to say their goodbyes.

“We needed a certain form of ending, after this huge distance walking towards each other. It is very human. It is in a way more dramatic, more like a film ending … Because in the end you are really alone, whatever you do,” Marina said.

Get your tissues ready for the emotional reunion of Marina and Ulay.

Great Wall of China Offers a Graffiti Zone

The government of China has transformed a portion of the Great Wall of China into a graffiti zone. This will allow tourists to leave their marks in one of the seven wonders of the world.

Previously, tourists would scratch their names into the stones of the famous landmark causing damage to the ancient monument. In order to prevent further damage, authorities put up a specific graffiti area at the Mutianyu portion of the wall.

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