‘Armstrong Miggy’ Revealed as Heartless Scammer Who Preyed on Mom Looking for Lost Son

Some months ago, Filipinos waited at the edge of their seats for the DNA test that would confirm whether a guy named Armstrong Miggy might be Earl Dollente, the boy who was kidnapped when he was still a small kid.

In his post on Facebook, Miggy said that his friends urged him to watch the story on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (KMJS) since he bears resemblance to the young boy in the photo. Indeed, he looked so similar to the boy that not only were netizens excited to know whether he could be that kid, the boy’s mom Laurie Dollente was also just as thrilled to find out!

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Despite being sick, Laurie personally spoke with Miggy and later gave him money out of pity after the latter spoke about how he was abused by his ‘adoptive parents’. Even her friends, Earl’s godparents, would meet with Miggy and give him gifts as well as money despite the fact that he still wasn’t confirmed as Earl at the time.

Laurie had felt guilty that Miggy, if he is truly Earl, had gone through much abuse and monetary deprivation.

But there were many times that Miggy seemed hesitant to take the DNA test despite the fact he was vocal about wanting to quickly learn whether he was, indeed, Earl. He didn’t also sign the contract with KMJS to share his story, under the guise that he was afraid his adoptive family will learn about it and completely abandon him. He’s not about to let that happen because it was also possible that he is not Earl, after all.

People also bashed him on social media and revealed that he couldn’t be the lost kid because 1) he’s not adopted and 2) he’s older than the lost kid would have been. He told Laurie that those were just troll accounts trying to discredit him.

Photo credit: Mimi Laurie Dollente

Photo credit: Mimi Laurie Dollente

After finally consenting to a DNA test, Miggy used the name ‘MELVIN GONZALES MANIACOP’ with a , birthday of February 17, 1993 – telling Laurie’s husband that this was the name and birthday he had known all his life and that ‘Armstrong Miggy’ was a nickname he gone in his school days.

Sadly, the DNA result came out negative – as in very negative! But Laurie’s heartaches didn’t end there…

Read her full account here:

Magandang araw po. Sa dami po ng nagtatanong kung ano po ang tunay na ngyari ngayon po ay ilalahad ko ng buo sa inyong…

Posted by Laurie Dollente on Friday, November 18, 2016